Oats is delicious.

Oats is a powerful yet easy-to-use applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruitment software.

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Why Oats?


Oats is simple and easy-to-use, helps you to streamline your hiring process.


Oats is designed to delight both recruiters as well as hiring managers.


Oats helps recruitment teams to increase their productivity & hiring velocity.

We are still building Oats, be the first to know.


Data Driven

Make your recruiting decisions more objective by scoring candidates.

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Agile Recruiting

Implement agile best-practices such as Kanban for your recruiting process.

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Artificial Intelligence

Powerful semantic search and natural language processing capabilities.

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Robotic Automation

Built-in robotics process automation (RPA) to automate your hiring workflow.

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Yes, Oats is GDPR compliant.

Yes, Oats fully support i18n.

Yes, Oats runs at 20+ edge locations.

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